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Congrats to Neil Carleton on his new publication in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology!

Congrats to lab member Neil Carleton and surgeon / lab collaborator Dr. Priscilla McAuliffe on their recent publication in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology! This comment explores how chronological age cutoffs in clinical oncology guidelines are defined. Using the case of breast cancer in older women, the authors discuss why the age at which individuals transition from ‘younger’ to ‘older’ has been defined in a heterogeneous, unstandardized, arbitrary and disparate manner. 

Read the full article here:  

Adrian and Steffi receive recognition for their endowed chairs!

Congratulations to Adrian and Steffi who were invited to attend the 2022 Pitt Faculty Honors Convocation Ceremony and received medals recognizing their distinguished accomplishments. Adrian received his medal for his position as the Pittsburgh Foundation Endowed Chair in Precision Medicine. Steffi received her medal for her position as the Shear Family Endowed Chair in Breast Cancer Research.